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5 STEM Solutions That Will Transform the Future of Classroom Learning

A better future needs better leaders. Today, students aren’t just the users of technology but creators of technology. In his ‘Out of Our Minds’ forward, Sir Ken Robinson said, “We will not succeed in navigating the complex environment of the future by peering relentlessly into a rear-view mirror. To stay [...]

21st Dec | 2021|

4 Ways Arduino Helps Empower the Scientists and Artists of Tomorrow

Technology Education has been undergoing rapid evolution over the last decade, changing from traditional lectures and demonstrations to more hands-on, self-paced learning modules. Experts and educators alike can attest that when students ‘do’ more when they are learning, it not only helps them understand the concepts better but also [...]

13th Sep | 2021|

Helping Universities Achieve Ambitious Goals

With IoT, AI, machine learning and other highly technical terms entering the mainstream vocabulary, engineering careers become more and more attractive for the new generation. The challenge for the engineering schools and departments now is to motivate these young students early on. They need to help students fully understand WHAT [...]

24th Jan | 2019|

5 Space-Themed Makerspace Activities

No matter what age you are, thinking about outer space and all the possibilities is always appealing. So why not bring some space-themed activities into your makerspace? You can use the following activities in conjunction with an event, such as a STEM night or book fair, or you can [...]

24th Jan | 2019|

Artificial intelligence: keep things in perspective

The idea that rapid technological progress could one day overtake science fiction is one that appeals and appalls in equal measure. And this appears to be no less true for the development of artificial intelligence, or AI, at least when it comes to the level of public outcry involved. We [...]

24th Jan | 2019|
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